North Wales Magic Circle President Sells Fake Autographs

Russ Roberts is the current president of the North Wales Magic Circle, his website refers to him as a “multiple award-winning magician” and if you take a look at his accomplishments, he seems qualified enough to at least entertain children.  He is also scamming magicians out of their money by selling fraudulent autographs… 

Russ Roberts Website

Be sure to make special note of the association with Charlotte Pendragon… that will be of importance soon.

Like many of our stories, this one began with a Facebook conversation that caught our attention:

Russ Roberts Facebook

How WOULD the president of the London Magic Circle feel?  Hopefully, he is reading this entire article. The Facebook conversation continued:

Russ Roberts Facebook 1

Russ Roberts Facebook 2 Russ Roberts Facebook 3 Russ Roberts Facebook 4

Naturally, we wanted more information and the evidence at hand here.  Here is the actual autograph that Taff was sent by Russ Roberts:

Russ Roberts Fake autograph

And here is the email conversation that happened between Taff and Charlotte…

Russ Roberts Email 1 Russ Roberts Email 2 Russ Roberts Email 3

Isn’t it amazing the lengths that magicians and magical organizations will go through to protect a level of sanctity that doesn’t actually exist?  The Magic Circle is starting to remind me of Disney.  They’ll do anything to make sure that their “public image” isn’t negative.

Russ Roberts, Magic Leaks is convinced that you’re an asshole. If you’re reading this and have something to say, let us know.  Mostly we hope that the president of the London Magic Circle is reading it… I imagine he would have something to say as well.

All for now,

Mr. E

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