Joe Monti Soon to Reveal Truth About Criss Angel Fight?

Funny guy, magician, magic creator…and former employee of Criss Angel…Joe Monti ( said on his Facebook page: “Soon I will reveal all true details of a story that has haunted me for more than a year. Justice shall prevail.




Hmmm… Could he be talking about his firing from the MindThief’s team?

In February of last year, an audio recording was released wherein Criss and Joe allegedly got into a physical altercation.  The legal judgement about what this was, exactly, is currently undetermined but there are certainly two very different sides of the story.  The recording can be heard here:




At the time, this mostly came as a shock to the community not because Criss Angel was recorded as showing his true colors, but because he and Joe Monti seemed to have a good working relationship.  An example can be seen in the video below where Criss promotes Joe in a television spot:



Regarding the Facebook post, we are only concluding that this is what he is talking about.  In the mean time, we will have our ears to the ground.


As for information about the fight itself, a simple Google search will reveal a great deal of articles giving the legal conclusions and the current status is that Criss claims Joe provoked him.  This is certainly a possibility, especially when he knew that he was recording while Criss did not.  However, these things do not explain or excuse the behavior on Criss’s part and we are hoping that Monti will be revealing new information about this situation. 


Stay tuned for more details coming soon…


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