Collins Key Steals From Justin Willman on America’s Got Talent

“Collins Key, the the current AGT darling boy magician is a thief… and the AGT producers know it.”

Collins Key... a Stupid Asshole

Collins Key… a Stupid Asshole

Before we continue… please take a moment to review the following two videos.  The first is a performance from Justin Willman on Ellen.  The video went live online soon after its air date in May of 2012.  The performance had a hugely positive response and is currently sporting 1.3 million views (and counting). 

The second, is a performance from Mr. Collins Key on America’s Got Talent.  Having watched the first video, we find this one to be a little too familiar… 

We think you would be hard-pressed to find a more blatant example of thievery.  The same presentation, the same effect, same props (different design).  How could he have possibly thought that this was an “ok” thing to do? (…and why do so many people depend on these prediction boxes?  Is anyone convinced by them anymore, despite just how perfect the effect is and only ever used on something trivial?)

Most magicians are at least clever when they steal from someone, and try to prevent the origin of their material from becoming public. In this case, there is not a hint of shame or insight.

The worst part…?

Technically speaking, he did not do anything illegal. 

So, we say to you Mr. Key, you may not be a criminal but you are definitely a piece of shit.

What’s more is the community is already in discussion about the issue.  This whole thing came to our attention when an operative pointed out a post on Facebook.  The discussion is going as follows:

Collins Key Facebook 1

So far, we agree that AGT is garbage in the production department.  There is simply no logical reason for them not to be aware of the performance on Ellen and to indeed call Mr. Key out on the theft.

Collins Key Facebook 2

Mr. Keven Burke, you are a wonderfully honest asshole.  We love you.

Collins Key Facebook 3

Collins Key Facebook 4

Collins Key Facebook 5

Collins Key Facebook 6

The discussion ends there, and will likely be deleted from Facebook soon.  We hope to continue it here. 

Though, we imagine that Mr. Key’s  response would be something like this…



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