“BEWARE of Brad Ross and David Farr”

Earlier in the week, we received a long letter from a fan detailing a story about Brad Ross and David Farr.  Below is the reproduction of that story and the suspicious business practices that they have allegedly been a part of.

Brad Ross David Farr


“BEWARE of Brad Ross and David Farr!”

“In 2008 I had problems with Brad Ross about the IT Factor that he sells. To make a long story short he refused to honor his money back guarantee, so I expressed my opinion publicly at several sources/forums to let people know and warm them. He did not like that and did everything possible to get my postings deleted and banned. At the end I had to file a dispute with my bank to get my money back.”

On September 27, 2013 I received an e-mail from him which stated the following:

“After what you did with my It Factor Course in 2008 and the enormous headache you were to my business and staff, we WILL NOT DO BUSINESS WITH YOU , NOW OR EVER. Whether you can afford the Amazing System or not, I am sorry but again, we will not do business with you. You will not rip us off again.”

This all came about because I had received a prior email advertising a webinar called “Brad Ross & David Farr’s Show Booking Reinvented”. I decided to attend this webinar and see what it was about.
It took 3 days (September 25 – 27) and I participated, asked questions and Brad himself replied back. As the webinar went on it was obvious that they were trying to sell something. On the last day they released all the information on the product they were trying to sell.

This was David Farr’s Amazing System 5.0. Something that he has developed to help you book shows easy and get bookings automatically on your web site. It is something that he has had for a while and now has upgraded and opened it again for a limited time and spaces for people to sign up.


David Farr


Two different versions are available for purchase. The Standard Version where you only get support and help from David. With the Ultimate Version, you only get support and coaching by Brad as well getting some of Brad’s other marketing products.

“For those of you wondering the cost of this system. It is $1,497.00 for the standard version and $1,997.00 for the ultimate version. In addition to purchasing the program, you also have to pay $35.00 a month to a 3rd party company in order for the system to work. If you don’t pay that a month it won’t work. Anyone that knows about David Farr’s Amazing System knows what I am talking about.”

Since they asked at the end of the webinar to contact them with any feedback anyone might have, I sent an e-mail to David Farr telling him that even his system seems good it was too expensive and way out of my budget and couldn’t afford it.

David forwarded my e-mail to Brad and that is how I ended up getting the unexpected e-mail, quoted at the beginning of this post, from him. I never heard anything from David.


Brad Ross

This is a big red flag to everyone to be careful of Brad Ross. Even though this is David Farr’s system and his thing, it seems the Brad controls it all.

In conclusion……
“When you analyze all the marketing products that Brad sells, it is nothing new, it is marketing stuff that many businesses, and people use to market their business and that same information is found in many books, other marketing courses, and many other sources.

If you are going to spend money in marketing, do it with someone or somewhere else and not with him or anything associated with him.”

All for now,

Mr. E


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